Apostle Peter wrote his first letter to Christians who were scattered in the Roman provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia.  It was a time of persecution and suffering. Peter wrote this letter to encourage Christians to remain faithful despite their suffering. Their character and conduct must be above reproach. They are sojourners and live in the hope of the glorious inheritance reserved for them in heaven. Peter wants them to know that holiness and suffering are vitally connected. He wants them to know that those who desire to live holy will suffer (1 Peter 1:7; 2 Timothy 3:12). So it is not some strange thing that they suffer fiery trials   (1 Peter 4:12).  Christians are not exempted from suffering in this fallen world. Believers are called to become partakers of the suffering of Christ. This letter also encourages them to rejoice in suffering.  Peter also exhorts Christians about the importance of humility and unity among them.  Christ has set an example for us to follow his steps (1 Peter 2:21).   In Chapter one Peter exhorts Christians that God’s grace is sufficient for their salvation. In chapter two we see that grace leads them to sanctification. In Chapter three Peter explains how God’s grace should motivate them to submission. Chapters four and five explain the importance of God’s grace in suffering.  Scholars suggest that this letter was written from Rome around A.D 64, when Christians were going through severe persecution under Nero (1 Peter 5:13).