Chapter 18

The fall of Political and Commercial Babylon: 18:1-8.  
In Chapter 18 we read about the destruction of the political and commercial Babylon. In chapter 17, it was the beast and his ten nation confederacy who destroyed the ecclesiastical Babylon.  But the political Babylon will be destroyed by God himself at the coming of Christ.  The political Babylon is perhaps the greatest commercial center that controls the world market. John sees another angel coming down from heaven with great authority and his glory illuminates the earth.  He cried with a loud voice saying  “Babylon is fallen-the great city is fallen”. Babylon has become a home for demons and a hideout for every foul and dreadful animal.  Political Babylon controls nations with her ungodly system of religion and commerce.  At the fall of Babylon, nations mourn because it has made them wealthy and powerful in the commercial world.  John is permitted to hear another voice from heaven.  It is the call from heaven to come out of the evil world system of Babylon and do not take part in her sins or you will be punished with her plagues (18:4).  Babylon's  sin has piled up to heaven and she is ready for the judgment. They live in luxury and anticipate no sorrow.  But her judgment will overtake her in a single day.  The Lord God almighty will judge them with fire. Some suggest that due to radioactive fallout this destruction will be swift.  The city that burned saints will itself be burned with literal fire. 
The Reactions to Babylon’s Destruction:  18: 9-19.
Now the commercial and political Babylon are destroyed. Nations will mourn over the destruction of Babylon.  Their gain from commerce is gone and no one is there to buy their products. Their great shipping lines of the oceans will be emptied. The impact of the fall of both the false church and world commercial system is unimaginable. The world has never seen an economical collapse like this before. God will bring an end to false religious and commercial Babylon.  People will lose trust in the world’s commercial and financial institutions.  The city the woman rules represents seven kings.  The city that sits on the seven mountains is the seat of the apostate church (17:9). The city that thrived on false religion and financially benefited from it will collapse. Nations will marvel at the destruction of it. Commerce will come to an abrupt halt. As people reach the end of the tribulation, they have only lies and fake news of the Antichrist to believe. God warns that his patience should not be taken for granted to continue in sin. His judgment is true and righteous.   
There is great Joy in Heaven: 18:20-24. 
‚ÄčWhile nations are mourning, there is great joy in heaven.  The people of God will  rejoice over the destruction of ecclesiastical and political Babylon.  Antichrist is judged for the way he treated God’s people.  A mighty angel casts a great millstone into the sea.  This is symbolic of the final fall of Babylon. There is no more celebration in Babylon because it is destroyed forever. Babylon is guilty of the blood of the believers who are slain for their faith. But God delivers those who believe in Christ from judgment.  They will rejoice in His triumph. Believers are warned not to embrace the sin of the apostate church but should rejoice in Christ who gives them victory over Satan.  Pray that God would remind us of the destruction that is going to come upon the world so that we may invest our time and resources for the glory of God. 





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