Chapter 4

Worship in Heaven

John’s Vision of Heaven: Revelation 4:1, 2.
‚ÄčRevelation chapter four unfolds the things that take place in heaven (Revelation 1:19). Chapters 4 and 5 are the introduction of the prophetic events mentioned in the rest of the book. John’s vision reveals God as the creator and sovereign of all things. Everything owes their existence to God and He has absolute power over all things. He is the God who sets this universe in motion and controls all things. The glorified Christ invites John to the heavenly throne room to the things to come. The phrase “after this” occurs four times in Revelation (7:1915:518:1). John’s vision here  follows his vision of Jesus and the seven churches (Revelation 4:1). The open doors reveal God’s plan for the future to His servants (Matthew 3:1617Acts 7:56John 1:51). This scene shows a major shift in the book of Revelation and unfolds the enthroned God. Nothing happens at random and nothing could stop God from accomplishing His purposes. The Old Testament also records the visions. God confirmed His covenant to Moses in a vision (Exodus 24:1-11). Prophet Isaiah was commissioned in a vision (Isaiah 6:1-13). Ezekiel was called to warn Judah in a vision (Ezekiel 1:1-2:9). Daniel received the dream about the promise of deliverance of Israel in a vision (Daniel 7:1-28).  John identifies with the suffering churches in his exile to Patmos.  In the midst of these sufferings, John was invited to the throne room of Lord God almighty to see that He is seated on the throne, reigning and worshiped by the heavenly beings.

The Throne in Heaven: Revelation 4: 3-5.
There are different views about Jesus’ call to John “come up here”. Some think it is an individual call. Others think that this points to the rapture of the church before the great tribulation. Others believe this speaks of believers meeting with Christ in the air when He returns. The most important truth is that God reigns over His creation. This would motivate us to love the Lord and live in anticipation of Christ’s return. The first thing John saw in heaven was a throne. The throne symbolizes God’s absolute rule and His majesty. The one sitting on the throne is none other than God Himself (4:3, 5). This throne is neither the great white throne nor the judgment seat of Christ. John envisions the one who is sitting on the throne like jasper and sardine stones. There was a rainbow round about this throne. The Jasper stone is crystal-clear white stone representing the purity and glory of God (21:11). The Sardine stone is brilliant red in color representing God’s redemptive nature. The rainbow speaks of God’s mercy and faithfulness (Genesis 9:13-16). The purpose of this vision was to encourage the persecuted believers. God rules all things and one day this earth will be covered with His righteousness, and He will bring an end to evil. Christ's death and resurrection ensure this.  

The Four Living Creatures and 24 Elders:  Revelation 4:6-8.
The throne of God was surrounded by 24 thrones and 24 elders sitting on the thrones. They were clothed in white garments with golden crowns on their heads. Their identity is not given. Some suggest that these elders are the angels. Most probably they are the representatives of the redeemed people who are ruling and reigning with Christ. Their white garments are the garment of righteousness and their crowns are the rewards for their faithful service (Acts 20:172 Timothy 4:78). The elders sitting on the thrones indicate they are given a position of authority. From the throne came flashes of lightning and thundering voices. This shows the coming judgment of God (8:5). In front of the throne, seven lamps were burning. Many scholars believe the seven lamps represent the perfect ministry of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:2). Before the throne, there was a sea of glass like crystal. This is a picture of calm and harmony in heaven. In the center and around the throne were four living creatures. First like a lion, the second like an ox, the third has a face like a man and the fourth is like a flying eagle. Each of them has six wings and is full of eyes. They represent the heavenly cherubim worshiping God day and night (Ezekiel 10:1520Isaiah 6:3). They join 24 elders, worshiping God. God is holy and separate from His creation. God’s holiness characterizes all He was, all He is and all He will be. He does all things according to His eternal council. God’s greatness and holiness demand our submission and worship. The 24 elders and 4 cherubim worship God as He ought to be worshiped.

God is Worthy of Worship: Rev 4:9-11.
The living creatures gave glory, honor and praise to God who lives forever. God ought to be praised always for his goodness and for the wonderful works to the children of men (Psalms 107:8). Worship is the activity going on in heaven forever. The 24 elders fell down and worshiped the one sitting on the throne. Roman citizens had to acknowledge the authority of their emperor by falling down before him. To bow down means to recognize the greatness and authority  of God. Praise and worship are the central themes in the Bible. To worship means to ascribe honor to God. Our worship starts with offering our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God (Romans 12:12). God is worthy of our worship. It is a continual submission to God, acknowledging His greatness. It is our privilege and duty to worship God who saved us. As someone has said, it is a missing jewel among Christians today. The 24 elders cast down their golden crowns before God because He alone is worthy of worship. These are the crowns (Stephanos) for faithful service during this life. Casting down the crown is an acknowledgement that all that we are and we do is because of God’s grace. Elders worship God because He is the creator and redeemer of all things. God holds all things together and brings them to perfect completion according to His sovereign purpose. This thought should encourage the Christians who endure persecution to remain faithful to Christ.  God in heaven rules all things. One day Christ will rule the whole earth in righteousness. He will bring an end to evil.  He is our creator and redeemer. Perhaps nothing more clearly proves the deity of Jesus Christ than the fact that He is the focus of worship in heaven.  Jesus is God and is worthy to be worshiped by all the creatures in heaven and on earth.  He is the only redeemer. His resurrection ensures  our salvation. It is so sad that many people refuse to believe Him. 





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