Luke provides a well researched and historically accurate account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Luke was a close associate of Apostle Paul and a medical doctor.  Each of the four Gospels was written from its own perspective.  Matthew primarily wrote his gospel for Jews and presents Jesus as their Messiah.  Mark stresses the servant aspects of Jesus. Luke wrote for the Greeks and presents Jesus as the perfect Man.  Luke shows that as the Son of Man, Jesus has experienced our sorrows and he is able to help us in our needs. Luke is the only gentile author in the New Testament.  John presents Jesus as the Son of God.  Luke alone  tells of Christ's childhood.  He gives emphasis on prayer, women ministering to Christ, children, home and the cost of discipleship.  The parables in this gospel show Christ's concern for the lost humanity.  Luke is in many ways the gospel of compassion for the broken world.  The proof of Luke’s authorship is evident in the introduction of his gospel and in the book of Acts.  He addressed both volumes of his writings to a man named Theophilus (Luke 1:1; Acts 1:1).  It is evident that the book of Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke.  From the earliest of times, the church had considered that Luke wrote his gospel.  In addition, in 2 Timothy 4:11, we see Luke with Paul in his Roman imprisonment.   Scholars consider Luke was a historian, missionary, traveler and Greek writer. The precise place where Luke wrote his Gospel is not known.  Scholars suggest that it is logical to place the writing of the gospel between A.D. 58-60 from Caesarea, prior to the writing of the book of Acts. The gospel can be divided as follows: The birth, baptism, genealogy and temptation of Jesus (Luke 1:1 to 4:13).  The public ministry of Christ to His triumphal entry (Luke 4:14-19:27).  The rejection of Christ and his death (Luke 19:28-23:56). Christ’s resurrection and ascension (Luke 24:1-53).  The key verse of the gospel is “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10).






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