Chapter 19

The Songs of Victory in Heaven: 19:1-10. 
Revelation chapter 19 starts with songs of victory in heaven.   Four times the word “ALLELUIA” is used in this chapter. Heaven now rejoices over Christ’s victory over Babylon.  For the marriage of the Lamb has come. The Lord God omnipotent reigns. The bride of the Lamb is prepared for the wedding.  “Alleluia” simply means praise the Lord. The angels and 24 elders join the redeemed people saying amen in the celebration for God’s righteous judgment over His enemies. They praise God because salvation, glory and power belong to our God (19:1). Then John heard another voice of a great multitude. It is like the voice of many waters. They began the heavenly chorus praising God saying “Lord God omnipotent reigns”.  For the marriage of the Lamb has come and his Bride has made herself ready, clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure” (19: 6-8). Those who have been saved now join the inhabitants of heaven to celebrate God's judgment and deliverance. This celebration is known as the marriage supper of the Lamb. The Lamb refers to Christ.  The bride clothed in fine linen.  The fine linen represents the righteous deeds of the saints (19:7). They are faithful to the Word of God  and to the testimony of Jesus (19:10).  The angel instructs John to write a blessing for those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb. This blessing is true and coming from God. The church is the heavenly bride and engaged to Christ now (2 Corinthians 11:2). There are 3 phases in the Jewish wedding.  First, parents make a marriage contract for children when they are young.  Second ceremony is at the bride's house when the groom goes to get her. Thirdly there is a marriage supper.  Now believers are engaged to Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2). We are waiting for Christ to return to take us home. Finally there will be a wedding supper.  Most probably it will take place during the millennium or in heaven. What is John’s reaction?  John fell down at the feet of an angel to worship. John was forbidden to worship angels.  Angels are fellow servants. Only God should be worshiped. Those who wait for the marriage supper of the Lamb prepare themselves by putting on the robes of righteous deeds. They remain pure for the Christ to return. 
The Second Coming of Christ: 19:11-16.
Then John saw heaven opened and a white horse was standing there. The one sitting on the horse was called Faithful and True.  The victorious one riding on the white horse is none other than Christ.  He will reign in a way that is worthy of our trust and he will judge in righteousness.  The rejoicing in heaven foreshadows the glorious coming of Christ on earth.  The second coming of Christ will be more beautiful than we ever can imagine. First Christ came in weakness to save sinners. There was no room for Him to be born. He came to his own and his own received him not.  Believers are now waiting for His return (Acts 1:11). He will come in the air to receive His own people (John 14:1-3).  Christ is faithful in His promises. He comes with mighty power to wage war against the beast and false prophet.  White horse symbolizes Christ's triumphal procession.  His eyes are like a flame of fire. This penetrating eye speaks of His power of judgment.  On His head are many crowns. This speaks of His everlasting glory. A name was written on Him, and only He knew what it meant. Christ is beyond human comprehension.  He wore a robe dipped in blood. It refers to his own blood or the blood of his enemies. He will strike nations with the Word (Revelation 19:15).  Christ will rule nations with an iron rod. This speaks of His absolute righteousness (Psalms 2:89).  He will judge the nations. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hand of God.  Someone has said "One way or another, all sin will be punished". 
The Defeat of Antichrist and False Prophet:  19:17-21.  
​Christ is coming to establish His kingdom and He will rule in righteousness for a thousand years.  Before He does that His enemies must be defeated. Chapter 19:17-21 is a preview of that great battle. Then John saw an angel standing in the sun saying to all birds to gather for the great supper of God. They will eat the flesh of them who are slain by the Lord in the battle (19:17-18). Antichrist will deceive the nations to wage a war against God and His people. Those who obey God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ will become the object of Antichrist’s hatred.  All the nations will gather together to wage battle against Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:1-2).  This battle will take place in the plain of Megiddo (Zechariah 12:11). This war is known as Armageddon.  It will be the bloodiest and most brazen war ever fought in history.  It will be swift and deadly.  It takes place at the end of the tribulation period.  Some suggest that this war is not the same as the invasion of Ezekiel 38.  Christ will destroy His enemies with the breath of His mouth  (2 Thessalonians 2:8). The Antichrist and the false prophet will be captured and thrown alive into the lake of fire.  Ultimate victory belongs to Christ.  In righteousness He judges and makes war. Those who embrace Christ will be saved.  John encourages believers to remain vigilant against deception of Satan and embrace the truth. Are you living in anticipation of Christ who saved you!