Chapter 15

The Song of Moses and of the Lamb: 15:1-4. 
‚ÄčThis chapter is the prelude of the final judgmentJohn saw another sign in heaven of great significance. It was a great and marvelous event.  Seven angels were holding the seven last plagues of God’s great wrath. Each of the judgments in the past was increasingly severe. It would bring God’s wrath to completion. But the judgment about to be poured out is so severe that history has never seen anything like it before (1 Thessalonians 5:3).  God is righteous and holy in his dealings with mankind. Then John sees a great multitude in heaven standing on the sea of glass mixed with fire. They are the martyred saints who refused to worship the beast.  These victorious believers sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb. The sea of glass is a picture of the presence of God (Revelation 4:6).  These songs testify of God’s deliverance of Israel from their enemies (Exodus 15; Deuteronomy 32). The song of the Lamb will be sung over the victory over Babylon. Today God deals with us in His mercy and grace. But in Revelation chapters 6-19, we see God judges the world in truth and righteousness.   When the age of grace is passed, the age of judgment is ushered in. Believers sing because they are the redeemed people. People should fear God because He alone is holy and His judgments are righteous.

The Seven golden Bowls Plagues:  15:5-8. 
Then John saw the Temple in heaven and God’s Tabernacle was wide open and seven angels who were holding the bowls of the seven plagues came out of the temple. The temple and the Ark of the Covenant speak of God’s perfect righteousness. Angels have authority to execute judgment. Then one of the four living creatures hands a golden bowl filled with the wrath of God to each of the seven angels. These seven angels clothed in pure and white linen with a golden belt. They originate in the heavenly temple. These bowls contain the final judgment of God (Revelation 16). During the seven bowl judgment, the heavenly throne room will be filled with smoke from God's glory and power.  God is sovereign and nothing can stop His righteous judgment. Those who break the law will be judged. But this exodus frees people from all nations so that they can come to worship God. Chapter 15 is the prelude to the bowl judgment. Why should God who is good should judge the world?  Because God is holy and righteous. God is patient and He wants all people to be saved.  But His patent will run out if we reject Him. It is a dangerous thing to say no to the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit. God knows the future and we do not.  We are like mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes (James 4:14). So if you hear God’s Word today, do not harden your heart.