The epistle to Titus is a Pastoral Epistle. Titus was converted from a Greek background through the ministry of Paul.   He was a fellow-worker of Paul in the ministry (Galatians 2:3).  Titus served Paul well on his assignment to the church of Corinth (2 Corinthians 7:13-14). Paul had been with Titus on Crete and had left him there to correct the things that were wrong in the church. This assignment was not the easiest to accomplish. Titus had to appoint elders in the local church and to protect believers from false teachers.  This epistle explains the practical working out of salvation in daily life. Good works are desirable and profitable for all believers. False teachers were trying to mix Jewish law with the gospel of grace. Paul warns that false teaching will lead believers into legalism and ungodliness.  Paul wrote this letter to encourage Titus in the ministry (1:1). This letter was written from Corinth around A.D 63 to authenticate the work of Titus in the island of Crete as Paul’s representative. Paul instructs the believers about the basic structure of authority in the local church in this short letter. In chapter one Paul deals with church order. In chapter two and three, Paul explains Christian obligations inside and outside the church. The epistles of first Timothy and Titus are similar in many ways.





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