Luke Chapter 12

Jesus Warns against Hypocrisy:
(Read Luke 12:1-34)
Jesus warned the disciples against hypocrisy.  It is a sobering thing that everything we have ever spoken will be revealed one day.  So we must guard our minds, lips and hands from evil.  Jesus had much to say about hell. God has the power to cast us into hell (1 Peter 4:5).  Death is not the end of life. We have the natural tendency to be afraid of people who have the power to end our lives.  The believers do not  be afraid of those who want to kill them but fear God who has the power and authority to destroy both our bodies and souls. This fear is the deep rooted respect for God. The fear of the Lord does not paralyze us but sets us free from the slavery of sin. The believers are secured in Christ forever.  Nothing can harm us without God’s permission. The sin of blasphemy was attributing the miracles Jesus did to the power of Satan (Luke 10:15).   Jesus warns against the willful opposition to the Holy Spirit. Anyone who sins against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. We can avoid such predicament by not hardening our hearts. Jesus warned that believers will be persecuted but they will be protected by the Lord.  Jesus also warns us of the danger of money.  Jesus spoke the parable of the rich fool to show the deceitfulness of money.  Wealth cannot secure one’s salvation. Jesus spoke more parables dealing with money than any other subject. The gospel teaches us that material things can’t satisfy us.  We must first seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness (Luke 12:31). The believers should not worry about their basic needs. If God provides food for the birds and gives beauty to flowers, how much more He shall provide for His own children. Knowing God’s greatness and believing in his promises set us free from worry.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Pray that you would be content with what God has already provided.  
Be ready for the Lord’s Coming:
(Read Luke 12:35-59)
Jesus teaches that we should live in light of Christ’s imminent return.   When Christ returns, he will reward us for faithful service.  Blessed is that servant whom his master will find doing his job. But the servants who disobey will suffer punishment. There will be degrees of punishment.  Some will be found guiltier than others.  The more you know, the greater your responsibility will be. This can refer to your personal conduct and ministry.  We must guard ourselves from the spiritual drift into careless lifestyle and worldly indulgence (Luke 12:45).  We must share our spiritual knowledge with others. Those who disobey God will be judged.  The purpose of our ministry is to please God and not people.  Here Christ refers to the baptism of his death.   Jesus said “I have come to bring division”.  Following Jesus brings division among family members. The coming of Christ is often associated with peace (Luke 2:14). The gospel brings inner peace to those who trust in Christ. But those who reject Christ are at enmity with God. Christians will face persecution and rejection from within their own families.  Jesus said to the crowd “You are able to discern the weather yet you can’t discern the present time”.  Those who reject Christ  bear the responsibility for their own destruction. We must settle this matter before it is too late. Pray that God would increase your faith in Christ so that you will not surrender to the pressures of this world. Ask God to give you the strength to live a life that pleases him and bring glory to Christ's name. 

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